Girls Gone Green

Girls Gone Green is geared towards bringing women together from across the District to discuss the current health climate that children, families and women face in today’s society. We provide a communal space in which women can learn from one another’s experiences and use their stories and backgrounds to enhance the communal space. Through education, environmental and health stewardship training and leadership opportunities, our hope is to make sure every woman in the DMV has the access and space to be environmental leaders in their own communities.

Code Green

Code Green is an after school or summer program that gets kids excited about gardening! Through our 6 week hands-on curriculum, kids learn about different fruits and vegetables, how they’re grown, and how to eat them. Code Green kids get their hands dirty in the garden, working to plant, tend, and harvest a variety of fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

Corner Water

The Corner Water project stemmed from our Code Green program as a way to teach students about entrepreneurship and business. Once students are educated on urban gardening, and nutrition best practices, they have the opportunity to create a product or service that would best serve the needs of their community. The ward 8 community decided that infused water would be a way to address food deserts. Herbs from the Code Green gardens are used to infuse the water, which is bottled at our partner kitchens across the DMV. Beginning as a youth-focused program, Corner Water has since expanded to work with volunteer groups as well. Contact us if you’re interested in having our Corner Water at your next event!


I grew up in a concrete jungle. The only fruits and veggies we ate were store bought and I’m pretty sure they were and still are processed. Back then I didn’t know there was another way. I never knew there was a possibility to “grow” my own… Who knew one day the girl from around the way would be sowing seeds to grow health foods for an entire community… What was once not an option will someday become your reality… The seeds we sow today will change the narrative forever. Code Green particpant

As the Y continues to encourage healthy eating and food access for our children and families, we rely heavily on partnerships with community leaders like The Green Scheme. They implement innovative programming rooted in strong community relationships. With their help, our branches have built gardens, planted a fruit orchard, and implemented nutrition education for kids and adults that is fun and approachable. The Green Scheme is the definition of community change agents. The YMCA