Urban Agriculture

The Green Scheme establishes community gardens in various locations in the city that have shown food accessibility challenges. Even in our metropolitan city, food deserts continue to exist particularly in low socioeconomic communities.

Our job is to educate community members about important components of gardening as well as strategies for healthy eating and living sustainable lifestyles. The Green Scheme community gardens are safe green spaces where youth will be able to grow their own produce and learn the importance of proper nutrition. The garden will not only benefit the participants but the community as a whole.

Code Green

he Green Scheme fostered a calibrated use of three (3) nationally recognized nutrition workshop and/or informational curriculums for the development and implementation of The Code Green Workshop Series to achieve demonstrable, measurable successful outcomes for families and youth participants that were solidified through evaluation activities. The workshops are implemented in schools and communities centers. Each of the workshops provided education on various community food needs and remedies via peer-to peer experience.

Farmers Markets

Environmental Focused Event Planning