The Green Scheme provides leadership, education, training, and awareness on a wide variety of environmental topics from healthy living to green career pathways. Our organization seeks to engage and empower communities where poor health outcomes and poor environmental conditions are most prevalent to promote healthy living in conjunction with environmental justice issues. We are here to promote sustainable living for the prosperity of our communities and planet in ways that are relevant and relatable. We make Green cool!


The Green Scheme was founded in 2011 by Washington, DC Area natives, Ronnie Webb and Joelle Robinson when they realized the lack of environmental awareness that existed in many communities. Webb has a background in agricultural economics and brings a wealth of experience in community organizing and youth engagement. Robinson, has a strong background in public health and is inspired by a passion for promoting health and wellness, and a commitment to community service and helping others. Both are fueled by a desire to impact the way people think about their health and their environment. Our main goal is to organize, educate, advocate, and empower community members to action. We follow an approach which allows community members to identify issues that directly affect their lives. We strive to empower people to gain autonomy over their circumstances by presenting tools to community member that can be used to change and sustain improved quality of living outcomes.

Meet the Team


Ronnie Webb



Jerome Nesbitt

 Deputy Director


Quiana Newby

 Director of Education


Andrea Ross

 Director of Programs